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Deux Sol Podcast exposes listeners to eclectic emerging artists in the DC area and beyond. The rate at which content is both produced and consumed may feel, at times, overwhelming. Twin co-hosts Ariam and Yodit Solomon make it their mission to navigate listeners through the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of music & culture.

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    Hey Mr. Carter!

    This week, the twins discuss “special” birthday wishes to Will Smith, upcoming Basquiat Musical, the on going Cold War that is Cardi B and Nicki, and more!

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    Saba Abraha

    Ariam and Yodit are joined by songstress Saba Abraha! Tune in as they talk Habesha culture and where to get the best Ethiopian food. Saba closes out the show with a live performance of her track “Pathway”.

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    Dont Call it a Comeback

    Ariam and Yodit are back for season 3 of Deux Sol Radio! Every Wednesday at 6:30pm the twins fill you in on whats happening in pop culutre. This week, we talked Lawrence returning to Insecure, Geoffrey Owens MAJOR comeback, Black Panther's Oscar takeover and more!

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    We BACK!

    Back from a little break, the twins fill you in on J.LO's Video Vangaurd Award, Beyonce running Vogue, Quincy Jones' upcoming Netflix documentary and more!

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    Not Alone

    This week on Deux Sol Radio, Ariam and Yodit kick it with music collective, Not Alone. Tune in as they talk Rosanne's boot on the re-boot, Pusha vs. Drake diss tracks, and the collectives music journey. Not Alone close out with a live performance of their track " Time Spent".

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    Nappy Nappa

    This week, the twins sit down with rapper, Nappy Nappa. Tune in as they talk Will Smith's World Cup Anthem, Lil Pump vs J Cole, and the Obamas taking over Netflix. Nappy Nappa closes the show with a dope live perfromance.

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    Yanny Vs Laurel

    The twins celebrate Janet Jackson's Birthday, debate over Yanny vs. Laurel, and discuss the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody.

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    Season 2 Premiere!

    Ariam and Yodit kick off season 2 with the lastest in music and pop culture! The twins talk Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's run-in, Taylor Swift's desperate need for attention, and Jordan Peele's up coming film.

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    Beau Young Prince

    This week, Ariam and Yodit catch up with DC rapper Beau Young Prince . Tune in as they talk J Cole's KOD cover art, Prince's up coming memoir, and of course BYP's music. Stay tuned as he closes out the show with a live performance of "Gypsy Woman".

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    "Where's The Beef?"

    Coachella vs. Soul'd Out, Cardi B vs Nicki, and originals vs reboots. Listen in as the twins go back and forth about these buzzing topics.

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